Progressive Law

Woollcombe Yonge has been in business for over 250 years in the city of Plymouth. Their progressive approach to law sees them cover a multitude of disciplines with a team of talented and experienced solicitors. However their website pre-dated the multi-device era and subsequently, it was more than ready for an update.

Forging a new direction

We were delighted to win a three-way pitch to design and develop a website fit for one of Plymouth’s leading law firms.

At the core of the brief was a requirement to position Woollcombe Yonge as a progressive and approachable team. Working in partnership with the management team we were asked to  direct every aspect of the site - from photography, through to copywriting and design.

"We had a very clear vision of what we wanted our website to be and we've been delighted how Just Enough Brave have been able to bring that vision to life."   


Practical and action orientated

A comprehensive conveyancing calculator was also developed and integrated - giving the firm the opportunity to generate enquiries directly from the site. And with a helpful mega-menu and engaging image transitions, the user experience is contemporary and absorbing. Designed responsively the site will work across any device and as ever with our sites an intuitive content management system was key to its success.

Delivering direct enquiries

Alongside relationship marketing digital channels dominate the law sector and as such Woollcombe Yonge's new website puts them amongst some of the best within the city of Plymouth. With a contemporary design and user experience it has drawn compliments from  its competitors!

Subsequent to the site going live we have gone on to work with Woollcombe Yonge to help them market their services online. The company's new digital presence immediately began delivering  pipeline opportunities but with a boost using pay per click campaigns they now receive on average 193% more online enquiries.