Our Story


Obsessed with honesty

committed to courageous excellence

Just Enough Brave was created in 2015 with one of most inspired grammatical errors in the history of copywriting. Yes, arguably we could have changed the name to what people expected but why would we answer  to convention?  Since that day we’ve passionately committed ourselves to living true to our name, always striving to be courageous in everything we do for both ourselves and our clients.

We cut our cloth in the creative agencies of London and after years of working in the big smoke and plenty of scars (and experience) to show for it our founders decided to up sticks and take in the fresh air of the South West. That heavyweight experience is good news for our clients because it means that what you get from us is a no-nonsense approach to making your brand and marketing the best that it can be but without the London price tag!

A word

You don’t need to hear about our favourite film or the office dog but what you do need to know is that we work with creative people that are different from most, because they all ‘get’ brands and marketing. They understand them and they know what makes them tick.

Of course, we’re ever so slightly obsessed with ‘what’ we create, but we’re also just as obsessed with the ‘why’, the ‘when’ and the ‘where’. Whether the brief is to raise awareness, drive engagement, win customers or to just do better business, we’re proud to steer a team of creatives, copywriters, strategists, developers and planners   with unrivalled levels of marketing knowledge at their very core.

We’re not cosmetic creatives - we build brands, develop content and campaigns that are strategy led and rich with substance and character. The team are poised and ready to go, we just need your challenge. 

A home

Our award-winning Studio is situated close to Plymouth’s historic waterfront and is within the shadow of the majestic Dartmoor National Park. Our love of the outdoors, whether that’s snorkelling in the sparkling waters of Plymouth Sound or biking halfway across the moor is clearly something that works for us as it creates a perfect balance in our lives.

Yes, it’s a beautiful part of the world to live and work in but we’re also pretty sure that it’s the main reason we’re constantly energised and ready to create consistent, ambitious and exciting work. The environment in which we live inspires us and that is a hugely important fact that should never be under estimated in the creative sector.

Photos : Tobie Loates