Creative Collisions

Spillover is a yearly event initiated by the University of Plymouth and started over lockdown. Consisting of insightful discussions and virtual networking with key stakeholders from the creative and cultural industries and Higher Education speakers.

Capturing the essence
of the event

Audiences explore and debate the opportunities and challenges of working across traditional boundaries to tackle the issues of the day. It is a day set to be full of creative disruptions, innovation and inspiration!

Just Enough Brave were tasked with developing a brand identity that encapsulated the essence of the event. Working from the marketing team's comprehensive brief we created a refined identity and visual language that took heavy influence from the event name simply but succinctly communicating both the objectives of the event.

The Spillover Festival a day full of creative disruptions, innovation and inspiration!    


Simple and effective

Abstract imagery, a vibrant colour palette, contemporary typography and documentary-like event photography add energy to the quietly confident logotype. The completed visual framework is an instantly memorable and versatile toolkit for the brand.

The inaugural spillover event was an instant success with industry leaders from across Plymouth and beyond attending and contributing to the event. And with social media and in-event engagement levels higher than expected Spillover was an instant success! 2022’s session is planned in for February 17th.