The changing face of agencies

By its very nature, the marketing communications industry stays at the forefront of progress, constantly evolving – tracking trends and ever more sophisticated marketing tools and tactics.

One of the more monumental changes in the way the marketing communications industry works has been the shift in attitude towards working with specialist agencies and consultants. Whether it be advertising, brand, digital, experiential or relationship marketing somewhere you’ll find an agency or consultant that specialises primarily in that discipline.

This is great news for clients but ten years ago it was a different matter entirely, the ultimate goal for both clients (strangely) and agencies were to make the agency BIGGER.

But as marketing techniques and disciplines have become more specialist the only person BIG now works for is the agency owner. Agency heads will try their damnedest to hoover up as much work as possible even if the team isn’t fully skilled in a particular specialism because of course BIG costs them money. Clients pay more but end up getting less quality because senior talent costs them BIG time.

Fortunately, there are plenty of marketers and ambitious entrepreneurs who have recognised that BIG is not always the best way to go and the desire to collaborate with like-minded specialist experts has never been more popular than it is right now. Who benefits from that? Well, the answer is we all do, but without a doubt, the clients are the real beneficiaries.

In my honest opinion today any marketer worth their salt will be building a roster of virtuosos – a team of expert consultants or agencies that make their brand fucking amazing! Gone are the days of one-size agency fits all. Every project has its own unique attributes and so why wouldn’t you tailor a team whose skillset suits its needs?

In the South West, there is a crop of extremely talented masters of their trade and if you know where to find them you’ll strike marketing gold. Of course here at Just Enough Brave, we’re confident that our stable of geniuses is 24 karat and together we’ve delivered some high-profile projects for some truly exceptional clients to prove it!

So next time you’re choosing your agency don’t get seduced by the BIG swanky office because you’ll be paying for its upkeep. Don’t feel reassured by a BIG team because you’ll be paying towards their benefits scheme. And finally don’t feel reassured by a BIG list of services because you’ll only be paying for the staff members that service that skill and sit idle.

At Just Enough Brave we believe every business deserves access to the very best specialist talent without paying the BIGGEST prices and that’s why we’ve made connections, nurtured relationships and worked successfully with an enviable stable of senior independent partners. We tailor each project team to suit your needs and so in our humble opinion, you’re always working with the best in the business.

So, if in 2022 the idea of excellence in marketing and design gets you excited then please drop me a message on Linkedin or email me