The success of collaboration

Just Enough Brave just love collaborating with our creative partners and when the opportunity came to partner with Dell'Anno studio on a project for Plymouth Waterfront Partnership we jumped at the chance.

Bring the Waterfront events calendar to life

We were asked to create a significant creative campaign that  brought a recognisable visual  theme to all of Plymouth Waterfront Partnerships calendar of events including the ever-popular Pirates Weekend in May, the newly name Seafest event in September and the Christmas events.

The three events that PWP operate are already well established, but it was felt that the creative work required a more grown-up outlook, something that reflected their growing reputation in Plymouth. As well as each event having a different design element, they also have a signature colour to define it as a separate event, yet part of a wider calendar.

“This creative campaign is more grown up, more sophisticated and perfectly placed to take these events onto the next level.”   

Jon Walton - CEO of Plymouth Waterfront

A playful approach appealing to all

Taking the  Plymouth Waterfront Partnership logo device as the starting point for the creative  theme we devised a playful  illustrative  style  for   the full suite events . Every illustration and  the element within the  'wreath' perfectly articulate the broad range of activities   happening at each event.   The result is a look and feel that appeals to both children and adults alike.

Finally, with   distinctive colour themes and a bespoke messaging and lock up for  each event the  distinctive  identity for  each of the  Waterfront  Partnerships events is complete.

The results are in...

The first campaign in the events calendar was for the Pirates Weekend and the application of the new visual theme to a dedicated landing page, bus shelter ads, banners, posters and digital marketing assets. 

The results speak for themselves: 35,000 people attended over the two days (40% increase on last year). Website traffic was up 265%, social media saw a 100% increase in reach and a 175% in engagement. It’s fair to say the first campaign worked well, as did the event itself and so we look forward to seeing how the other events fair!