Good for people, purse and planet

b.kinda is the innovative brand conceived by St Lukes Hospice Plymouth designed to tap into an online audience to sell their women's fashion stock to a nationwide audience. b.kinda are taking advantage of  the current trend for consumers to reject fast fashion and embrace pre-loved clothing. 

Helping a client understand if a business idea has life

Just Enough Brave has worked with St Lukes from the birth of the business idea, helping the team to research the market to test the viability of the new venture, through to conceiving and creating the brand, assisting with its naming, then designing and developing the identity and e-commerce website. It’s been an pleasure working so closely with the new business development team at St Lukes. 

"Just Enough Brave’s support in the creation of b.kinda has been invaluable. From helping us test the business case through to creating the identity and website they have been an integral part of team that have made the brand the success it is so far" 


Research, insight and vision.

The first task in the journey was to explore the viability of the business idea and so we commissioned an online survey of women aged 16-60 who shop online for their fashion. With the target market defined we created a series of questions that succinctly captured all the  information we wanted  to learn establish the business case for the creation of b.kinda.

With some valuable lessons learnt from our survey we took the information and translated that into a series of one to one interviews with a range of women within our target age ranges. This allowed us to add another layer of understanding giving us even richer insights into the potential mindset of our customers and playing a big part in helping inform the creation of the brand’s vision.

Bringing together all this information we hosted a workshop that helped us all agree on a proposed roadmap for the brand. The aim - to give b.kinda the tools to communicate their vision, purpose, values and positioning.

Making an instant impact

Next with a brand name created we moved on to develop an identity and visual language that communicated the essence of the offer. The ‘green leaf heart’ logomark is the visual incarnation of the brands purpose - Fashion that’s good for people, purse and planet. With a warm and welcoming visual language to support the identity it was time to develop the website.

After wireframing and exploring user-experiences we created a comprehensive responsive e-commerce website, focussed on communicating the brand and driving visitors to purchase their very own mystery box of clothing.

Going live in July 2022 b.kinda is still only in its infancy but already it’s impact is being felt in the pre-loved fashion industry. With prominent instagram influencers keen to be ambassadors for b.kinda the brands combined social media following has swollen to 3,945 followers resulting in circa 2250 orders already placed within a four month period!

"Thank you for everything you do at b.kinda your brand is  amazing and I'm so excited to open my mystery box"

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