Strategy & Creative

If you want a logo you can have a logo but if you want to build a brand that is more about substance than style then you’ve come to the right place. We work with businesses big and small from start-ups to market leaders and for each we adopt the same rigorous approach, which results in brands that are content-rich, experience led, differentiated, value laden and robust.

Getting under the skin of your organisation...

Our client's brand strategies are rooted in understanding who they are. We talk to their customers and partners and analyse the competition and truly get under the skin of their organisation. 

Studio Skein - brand strategy and identity 

"Just Enough Brave came to the table with some truly valuable insights, led our workshop expertly and instantly engaged the whole team. The subsequent brand platform they created is serving as the perfect roadmap for all our marketing communications. I am over the moon with the results." 

Project 35 brand identity  I  bkinda brand strategy and identity  

Building value laden brands with
a clear vision and purpose

Just Enough Brave utilise  brand workshops to help define and articulate your brand’s vision, purpose, values and your market positioning. This comprehensive toolkit  arms you with the  content  that will act as your brand communications blueprint.

Plymouth  Drake Foundation Identity and content strategy  

"Just Enough Brave is one of those rare things. A company that understands, that interrogates and comprehends. They go beyond the beyond to ensure that every thing it does is more believable, more powerful, more persuasive and more meaningful than was ever anticipated" 

MARK Ingrouille  - QI