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Ambassadors v Champions v Influencers … they’re all Brand People

‘Brand Ambassador’, ‘Brand Influencer’ and ‘Brand Champion’ may be a cause for some confusion so here's a post dedicated to them....
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The business of branding football

When the Italian football giants Juventus unveiled its new identity and badge and to say it was slightly controversial is a bit of an understatement. ...
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Looking back for the Future

We seem to have encountered a slew of epic battles in recent times. Trump v Biden for the US Presidency, Nadal v Djokovic for the number one spot. ...
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Experience is everything

Is it enough for a business to merely be there for consumers?...
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You’re gonna need a bigger boat

Let’s talk about sharks. You know, those sea creatures made infamous by the 1975 Steven Spielberg film … the truth is sharks do seem to have an unfortunate reputation....
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