Tamar Housing

Helping celebrate a landmark milestone

The Challenge

Tamar Housing is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary in 2016 and is a recognised and respected brand within the affordable housing sector. They own and manage approximately 600 homes, the majority of those properties and also lead the way in pioneering initiatives, being a major partner in the innovative RentPlus scheme. The challenge then, to celebrate an important milestone but also to communicate that even after 50 years Tamar Housing has a clear brand purpose and as an organisation is more relevant than ever to the affordable housing sector.

Set against the backdrop of a landmark anniversary and an office move the Brave team guided us clearly and efficiently throughout the project, right from the first meeting, and onto the sign off by our board. The new positioning and brand identity are a fitting tribute, that perfectly captures the essence of our brand 50 years on.

Julie Barnett - Chief Executive

The Solution

In the first instance we worked with Tamar Housing to develop a positioning for the brand. The client was at pains to emphasise that they didn’t manage properties but helped people create homes for themselves and their family.

The inclusive but succinct - YOUR HOME OUR VISION tagline perfectly distills the brand’s purpose. Home makers rather than developers or property managers. We then built a creative messaging framework that could be utilised throughout their communication materials. After this exercise was completed we turned our attention to the identity and visual language. To illustrate the evolution of the organisation into something far more contemporary we created a simple but elegant mark, bespoke typography and utilised illustrations and photography bring this innovative brand to life.

The Result

The resulting feedback from the many stakeholder groups of Tamar Housing has been resoundingly positive and we leave the organisation with a timeless identity system and a clear strategy for marketing messages that will see them readied for another 50 years.

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