Milsen Smith

A Perfectly balanced business

The Challenge

Milsen Smith is the creation of Emmy Smith, an acclaimed content marketing and communications expert. With a passion for ’emotional marketing’ her creativity helps her clients brands forge powerful and enduring connections between with their audience. Milsen Smith produces films, content and experiences for clients that capture and delight their brand’s customers. We met with
Emmy as she was began evolving the ideas for Milsen Smith and were challenged to create an identity that captured her company’s unique offer.

I had a very clear vision of how I wanted the business to look and feel and I've been delighted how Just Enough Brave have been able to bring that vision to life.

Emmy Smith - Managing Director

The Solution

Working from Emmy’s clear brief, we created an understated and sophisticated identity. An elegant monogram partners contemporary geometric fonts with a restrained colour palette, punctuated by bursts of colour. We then rolled the identity through to a responsive website that showcased her exciting portfolio of work.


The Result

Milsen Smith has certainly hit the ground running exploiting its rich bank of contacts to begin work with some notable global media agencies. We are proud to know we played a small part in the businesses success so far and congratulate her wholeheartedly!

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