Global Seven News

twenty four seven news for a digital audience


London based start up Global Seven News is looking to revival and achieve similar successes as news driven websites such as Mashable and Huffington Post  with the launch of a news website this year. They had already built a team of writers producing high quality thought-provoking articles but now needed to translate the foundations of a great idea into an intuitive and engaging site.

I had a clear vision of how the GSN brand should translate into the digital arena and I have been delighted to see how succinctly the Brave team have delivered on my aspirations. The site navigation is clear and the design and development first rate.

Lee Cross - Managing Director

The Solution

Taking inspiration from all over the online news community the new site offers users a simple to navigate but extensive library of thought provoking content. The client was very aware they need the site to be revenue focused was also keen to ensure that the user experience was not as intrusive as some news based websites.

The design strikes the perfect balance between attractive ad space and user experience. Conversely it also has a clear route to action for potential media planners. The sites success will be built off the back of social sharing and so throughout the content the design features multiple opportunities to share news. Finally their are clear calls to action for budding writers wishing to submit stories to GSN.

As with all Brave websites it is designed and developed responsively and will respond to any device users view it in. The CMS is intuitive and easily updatable as new content is added to the site.

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