BEEP hit the high notes with brave tree top competition at Deer Park.

Written By:
David Smith

In partnership with Deer Park Country Hotel, we are delighted to announce that Vic Williams from The Audacious Company is the winner of its’ luxury treetop retreat at the Hotel just outside Honiton in Devon.

It’s a double header in terms of winners, however, with BEEP, a charity set up to continue the great work of REEP, the Rugby Empowering Employment Programme receiving a generous donation as well.

The competition became an online, social winner for both Brave and Deer Park and resulted in a huge level of interest and engagement in the run-up to the South West Business Expo event held on Thursday 15th March.

Participants were asked to enter by sharing their very own ‘brave’ moments. Some of the more revealing entries included the Irishman who visited his hometown of Dublin in an Exeter Chiefs jersey, the brave lady who was lifted 20 feet in the air to paint a T-Rex and the courageous soul who bashfully admitted to saving a child from a burning building! The competition had over 120 entries with over 30,000 social media impressions and proved a great success.

Commenting on the competition, Just Enough Brave, Managing Director, Dave Smith said: “We like to do things slightly different here at Just Enough Brave, so when it came to setting up a competition with a suitable prize we ignored the traditional case of Champagne or dinner for two at a fancy restaurant and went straight for the luxury treehouse retreat at the beautiful Deer Park… let’s face it, you have to be a little bit brave to climb up that big ladder to get to bed.”

Mark Godfrey from Deer Park Country Hotel observed: “Its great to be able to collaborate with other local forward-thinking companies who like to do things ‘just’ a bit differently!… And to share the success that digital marketing and social media platforms can now offer, it’s also extremely rewarding contributing much needed funds to the fantastic charity BEEP.”