Being a better business

We all change over time. We grow, we evolve and the hope is, we get better. At Just Enough Brave we’ve been doing some growing ourselves and that evolution is brought to life in our new website that we’re pleased to say is now live.

When we started ‘Brave’ back in 2015, we had a set of thoughts and attitudes about how we’d like to do business and that has largely stood us in good stead over that seven-year period. However, as we’ve grown, those ‘thoughts and attitudes’ and have blossomed into ‘principles and values’. They’ve naturally evolved into a genuine brand DNA and central to that is integrity, transparency and equality … that’s what Just Enough Brave stands for today.

But during our transformation, we’re proud to confirm that one thing hasn’t changed. We’ve continued to consistently deliver top-quality brand and marketing communications and that’s not going to stop now. That’s our immovable promise, our pledge, our ‘red line’ on everything that we do for our clients.

But the last seven years haven’t just been about delivering for clients and building a business, we’ve also evolved our ideology. We always knew that doing business in a sustainable way was important to us, we just didn’t know ‘how’ important that was to us.

We decided that talk was cheap and that real action was needed if we wanted to do our bit and start making a genuine difference. It’s not enough to merely post on Instagram about how you recycle paper and turn the lights off.

We prefer to do ‘good’ business and so we now give 5% of our turnover to Marine Conservation through 1% for the Planet, we bank with ethically accredited providers, we invest our pensions into environmentally and socially responsible funds and our fleet cars are now all electric! We do all the other stuff like recycling and reducing carbon footprint, but that’s what everyone should be doing, naturally, so it’s about what you do on top of that.

What this all means is that we now have a business that we’re confident is the most environmentally responsible, creative consultancy in Devon. We’re focused on clever actions, not just clever words, with a core value that’s centred around integrity, transparency, and environmental equality.

At Just Enough Brave, we haven’t just grown up over the last seven years, we’ve actively and consciously evolved into what we are today … a better business.