Seven Feet Apart

Beautiful. Brilliant. Better footwear

The Challenge

Seven Feet Apart, a team of shoemakers on a quest to create different, better footwear and a more efficient, kinder business. Seven Feet Apart pair prime Italian leather with their forward-thinking British engineering, to create a range of footwear that is founded on comfort and built to last. Similarly, their approach aims to create lasting change. They strongly believe the same high quality you pay a premium price for in the shops can be supplied directly from the source to online buyers at a fairer price. The Challenge then? To develop a sophisticated identity that was both reflective of the business but also at home in the highly competitive footwear fashion industry.


The Solution

In keeping with Seven Feet Aparts ambitious targets, we worked in partnership with a team of experts from all over the country to help develop the logomark, logotype, packaging and visual language. The self-assured and restrained identity system says everything and more about their contemporary attitude to business, instils trust and technical excellence.

The Result

With a concerted engagement effort from the Seven Feet Apart marketing team the brand has seen its footwear reviewed in notable publications and blogs such as GQ, Marie Claire, En Brogue, Ape to Gentleman and the London Evening Standard. With a devoted following on social media and after only 6 months of trading they have recently sold their 1000th pair of Sevens (their signature sneakers). Not bad for an e-commerce business.

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