targetting first time buyers and sellers

The Challenge

During the last few years, Helmore’s marketing effort has been very pro-active and as such, they were starting to be perceived by some people as an expensive agent. Consequently, they’d seen a loss of market share at the lower end of the market with ‘cheaper’ agents dominating market share in Exeter and the surrounds.

To counter this Helmores launched a dedicated First Time Buyers department to helps inexperienced buyers through the entire journey, holding their hand, right up to completion and beyond. The challenge then was to promote this new offer and of course earn back market share.

This project was our first with Just Enough Brave and so I didn't know quite what to expect. When they pitched the idea to me I absolutely loved its creativity! The first time buyers market is a pretty dry subject but their exciting concept brought it to life with something that everyone can identify with.

Rob Stoyle - Director

The Solution

Everyone remembers their first kiss or their first car or even their first mobile phone and so we turned peoples 'first times' into a playful cross-channel campaign that encouraged engagement. We incentivised them to get involved by offering the perfect prize for a first-time buyer - a £100 voucher for the recently launched IKEA store in Exeter.

We launched the campaign with a large scale mail drop to the whole of EX17, whilst at the same time we posted a series of playful “vox pops” style street interviews asking people if they remembered their first times. Facebook, press and local bus shelter advertising completed the channels as we encouraged people to tell us their funniest first times - whilst all the time subtly selling in our first-time buyers centre. The creative was irreverent and playfully illustrated the awkwardness of a 'first time' event. It drew the eye immediately and as such the cross-channel approach meant competition entries came in every form, including a handwritten letter from one person.


The Results

The campaign was a phenomenal success for Helmores - after losing ground to local agents in the first time buyers market the First Time campaign boosted their market share of properties sub £200,000 by 26% in the 6 months following its launch. Not only that but Helmores have also earnt additional revenue from financial and conveyancing services that they didn’t have before!

The success of the campaign and Helmore's overall marketing effort was acknowledged this year as they scooped the Best overall UK Estate Agent at The Guild of Property Professionals awards 2019. It has also been acknowledged by other awards competitions with shortlistings for the 2019 Digital Entrepreneurs Award and Western Morning Awards. Watch this space!

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