The Experience Resorts

A new way to experience the perfect holiday

The Challenge

The Experience Resorts specialises in the high-growth affinity-based tourism industry, which, in 2018, numbered 15,000 festival events worldwide, has been test-marketing its business for several years and is now planning a Caribbean launch of its first resort. Being designed to deliver a new themed event each week, The Experience Resorts is focused on launches in the Caribbean and in the Asia-Pacific region. Each resort will feature several entertainment venues, pools, a lazy river and a unique music grotto for late-night entertainment. The challenge then was to create a brand identity and comprehensive guidelines for this US-based start-up. Working with the Californian marketing team we were tasked with getting the business ‘investment ready’.


We are delighted with the brand identity created by the creative team at Just Enough Brave - the logos symmetry evokes a truly elegant sense of style and it's brand applications hint at adventure and modernism. They have truly captured the essence of The Experience Resorts and I look forward to continuing to work with them and we roll out the resort concept in 2020.

Jak Severson - CEO

The Solution

The Experience Resorts will be one of only a few festival holiday concepts in the world and as such, we knew the brand identity would need to be far more versatile than your average resort identity. One week an Experience Resort may be hosting a Kiss Tribute week and the next it could be home to an LGBTQIA week - two very different target audiences! The final brand identity and its visual language work within a clear framework that allows each festival event to turn up the volume on its own personality and yet at the same time, it will also work elegantly across a vast array of applications specific to the resort.

The Results

Since we completed our work in early January 2019 The Experience Resorts company has announced the over-subscription of its second round of capital tied to the launch of its first tropical resort. The business concept and brand is capturing the imagination of investors and we look forward to seeing the first resort launch in 2020/21.

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