A confession


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We’ve been a bit crap. Be honest, have you looked at our social media feeds and thought ‘they’re a bit crap’. A bit lack-lustre, a bit…well, lacking?

We know, so have we. But then ‘sigh’ we open a new tab and continue to do something completely different. Even on our personal Facebook pages, we see the Just Enough Brave page sitting there like an empty canvas, calling to us to make a mark. But we don’t, we get distracted by another more important task and that’s it. It waits and waits for another day. Well, wait no more!

Just Enough Brave has continued to win exciting new clients over lockdown and not only are we doing their creative, PR and marketing, but also their social media. You see – it’s not that we can’t do it. It’s just that we don’t do it!

Consumed with securing and producing great work for our clients, agencies are notoriously bad at promoting themselves. We ensure that each hour we work is billable, and it’s hard enough to squeeze in prep for a new business pitch – or several as this January has proved – let alone time to work on actively promoting our own agency. But we should start selling ourselves! How can we realistically look a client in the face (albeit via Zoom!) and tell them what they should be doing if we can’t get our own ducks in a row?

So, what’s next. We’ve done our confessional and we need to be held accountable.

We’re updating the website and are going to be writing more content and blogs. We want to be sharing some of the campaigns we love. We will showcase our work and in turn, some of the awesome businesses that we work with. We’ll be posting to social channels regularly (let’s not go overboard and say every day!).

We’re sure you’ll find our social media feed will soon be a shining example of what CAN be done if you just give it the space and time it deserves.